School workshops, team building, staff celebration... whatever the Occassion, we’ve got you covered!

We offer two basic packages for corporate events, but can tweak and tailor these to your needs. Make an inquiry and we look forward to brightening your day!


A one hour session, easily slotted into a lunch break or at any other point in the day to give your team a boost of energy. Warning- side effects include a fun working environment!

Can be booked as a one off session, or as a weekly, monthly, or termly class for your workplace.

-Warm up and routine to a theme of your choosing
-Focus on getting everyone moving, relaxed, and laughing
-Time to practice routine and record it if desired

Prices from £200


A half day dance workshop perfect for larger groups and charity events- why not get sponsored to take part in a dance off!?

–Warm up and dance moves taught to a theme of your choosing
-Option to split into teams, small groups or individuals to create your own choreography
-Perform your routines to each other in a ‘dance battle’
-The choreographer or your nominated judges choose a winning team/ group

Prices from £650