"While working as a professional Musical Theatre performer on beautiful stages around the seven seas, and in London’s West End and Off West End, I found myself dance instructing, and teaching dance routines for parties for friends of family- just for fun, in between show jobs."

"After about 10 years, and working for several other companies in and around London, I relocated back up North near sunny Newcastle, and realised there wasn’t a dance party company based here, and I thought that was very unfair to the people of the North, and it’s visitors who want to get their dancing shoes on! More and more frequently I was creating my own choreography instead of teaching for others, and enjoying the joy I saw people experience through dance at their special event."

"When 32 weeks pregnant, on request, I choreographed and taught a routine for a baby shower- this is when I realised that dance can truly be adapted for and brought to any celebration, and I was so excited to share my idea ‘West Hens’ with not only Hen Parties, but any event people desired!"

"Through my work both as a fitness instructor and a professional dancer, I can understand how daunting dance can seem to those who think they have two left feet, and find a balance of moves that are true to any particular style or era, whilst being achievable and fun for all my party attendees. I pride myself on everyone completing their session feeling great, and most importantly, having had a laugh!"

"Dance should and can be enjoyed by all- no level of ability or request is off limits! Feel free to contact me and inquire about any style, or song you’d love to dance to."

Lots of love and jazz hands, Kay Xx

We use a host of professional and vibrant dance instructors to lead your party should Kay not be able to attend- check back here soon for updates on our wonderful team!